Meet the staff

To help you to get to know us, we set Paul and Matt a few questions.

Paul's answers:

What’s the 3 biggest changes in estate agency in the last 30 years? The internet, mobile phones and coloured details with floor plans. We estate agents are very protective of our stock of property and if you had asked me 24 years ago that our entire register of properties for sale would be available for everybody to look at, including our competitors, I would have said you were mad! Mobile phones make the job so much easier, if we are out with a client viewing one property and they wish to view another one, we can just call the office and get the appointment arranged, rather than having to drive all the way back to the office, wasting time and effort. In the ‘old days’ details had one black and white photo, sparse details and no floor plans. This then moved on to sticking colour photos on the details so the idea of pushing a button and printing one set of details off with colour images and a colour floor plan would have been positively space age 24 years ago.
If you weren’t an Estate Agent, what would you be? Unemployed probably! I have to say I have no idea.
Which Football team do you support? I have slightly split loyalties. I am a Chelsea fan and have been since the early 70’s but I am an adopted Saints fan and have held a season ticket for the last eight years but have watched them for a lot longer, being our local team. However, if it’s Chelsea against Saints, it has to be Chelsea.
What car were you driving in 1992 compared to now, and what music were you playing then? A red Ford Orion1.6GL that cost £2,100. No central locking, no CD player, AM radio, no electric windows, in fact I think it actually had seats and wheels but that was about it. Blur and Madness and just about everything else as I have always had quite a wide musical taste.
What do you as Paul Jeffreys offer, that others don’t? Honesty and a lot of experience and we are open and available seven days a week.

Matts's answers:

What is your favourite thing about being an estate agent? It would probably be going out and meeting new people, having a nice chat and getting them moved which can be a very stressful experience, so we do our best to make it as simple as possible.
If you weren’t an Estate Agent, what would you be? A difficult one to answer, except maybe a footballer or spaceman! But I would probably like to have got into some kind of media, possibly journalism.
Which Football team do you support? I am a huge Southampton fan, and have had a season ticket for many years, seeing a few highs and many lows, but that’s all part and parcel of following the Saints!
What is your favourite food? Another difficult one, but I don’t think you can beat a good curry from an Indian Restaurant, or failing that a burger and chips goes down very well. Very healthy!
What do you as Paul Jeffreys offer, that others don’t? A friendly professional service, and we like to think we come across very personable, hence why we see a lot of returning custom.